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“I mean we can find one black guy and make an example for sure.”Dakota Phillips

“I say we hang the nigger lovers and make an example of them.”Will Voss

These are just a couple of the messages that were being exchanged by a couple of white Haywood High School (Brownsville, TN) goons. And that’s just the half, you see, the boys were mad that the white girls were choosing on the black boys. (Just in case you don’t understand what I mean by “choosing,” that’s just another way of saying the girls preferred the black boys.) I’m just gone keep it all the way 100! The hatred runs so deep in their blood that it drove them to plot and scheme on “stringing up a nigger,” or “make an example out of the nigger lovers,”  You can attribute those last 2 quotes to Dakota Phillips and Will Voss as well.

Look, ain’t nothing new under the Sun and in this situation that old adage seems to fit. I happen to be from a small town called Ripley, TN, which is about 20 minutes from Brownsville. I have family and associates from that community, so it is kind of too close for comfort. You see, these kids thought they were in there clear because they knew that someone had told on them and all they had gotten for their punishment was a damn 10page paper!  Dakota-Phillips-Kill-Niggers-Snapchat-Convo-2

If this had been any student with a hint of brown on their skin, the student would have been not only expelled, but there would be criminal charges for damn sure. A brown child threating to murder caucasians…What you think is gonna happen? Some extra homework?! Da shiiid! They would be up s*** creek and we all know it! Justice delayed is still justice, no doubt, but it just took too long in my humble opionion.

S/O to the students and the community support that they have shown during these times of enlightenment in their town. The school principal and assistant principal have been suspended without pay while the investigation continues, which hopefully produces some criminal charges for the thugs involved.

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