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Pro Bowl TE Robert Gronkowski was mad that the pass interference wasn’t called on rookie DB Tre’Davious White, so instead of knocking out a referee or spazzing out on the ref, he just loaded up and ran into a very defenseless White, giving him a concussion. The NFL decided hey, we are going to suspend you but only for 1 game. Robert appealed his suspension, but it was upheld. Now, after seeing the video multiple times from different angles in real time speed and slow motion, it bothers me that 87 only received a 1 game suspension. His intentions were to inflict pain and injure, which he accomplished. JuJu Smith-Schuster was suspended 1 game for a hard hit he gave Vontaze Burfict(ironic, I know), but at least that happened in the field of play, not while the other guy is laying on the ground, well after the whistle. I got a problem with White’s teammates not stepping up to 87 after the hit, they’re just out there pointing and somewhat “pushing,” 87.  Yet another questionable moment in the playing career of Robert Gronkowski…smh.

You all be the judge Gronk dirty hit

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