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The Miami Hurricanes just lost their first game of the season and it was at the hands of Pitt…that’s right the 4-7 Pittsburgh Panthers beat the undefeated Miami Hurricanes 24-14 at Heinz Field this afternoon.  For Canes fans, this game looked all too familiar to the game from last week when  Miami’s defense allowed UVA’s QB to get hot early on and the defense had to bail them out, as usual. Look as a Miami fan, I ain’t gone sugarcoat it, our offense is piss poor and it starts with Rozier. I know he’s going through some personal things right now, but he has been too inconsistent throughout the season and his backup looks shaky every time I’ve seen him play. The Canes have the ACC Championship game next week against Clemson, and this weekend could see more upsets in the top 6, so they aren’t completely out of the playoffs yet, but they most definitely will have to win next week or its off to the Citrus Bowl or Chick Fil A Bowl BS!

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