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3 Toledo, OH pastors are facing life in prison after being indicted on sex trafficking charges.  The Rev. Cordell Jenkins, Rev. Anthony Haynes and the Rev. Kenneth Butler have all be charged on conspiracy to sex traffic children, one girl was being pimped at the age of 14. Now, I am all for innocent until proven guilty, but Anthony Haynes is also charged with trying to destroy electronic evidence. Now, of course they have all plead not guilty, but if you’re trying to destroy evidence, then you make yourself look guilty.

I have to say this, no disrespect to anyone that may be a follower of the Christian faith, but this is why we, especially my so-called black people need to stop putting all of our faith in these bible thumping pimps. I know, I know, I know…not ALL clergymen are perverts, rapists and thieves but it’s damn sure a lot of fornication/molestation that goes on in the church. Whether it’s a preacher bustin down(having relations) with one of his married members, or he’s a Catholic priest molesting/raping a young boy, it’s been going on for years! As I like to say, there’s nothing new under the sun, unfortunately this isn’t the first nor the last situation like this.


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