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This past Sunday, the San Francisco 49ers defeated the New York Giants 31-21 to win what will be this season’s “Boo Boo Bowl.” The Boo Boo Bowl is a game played between 2 teams that are terrible and battling for a top 5 pick in the next draft. This game embodied both of those things and more! 9ers quarterback CJ Beathard scored 3 times, one of those being a rushing TD.  After getting their first win of the season, this leaves the Cleveland Browns as the only win-less team in the league. So, congratulations are in order for the San Francisco 49ers, the winners of the 2017 Boo Boo Bowl! You are now one step closer to the 2nd overall pick as opposed to the 1st overall pick lol. Side note, Kyle Shanahan has not named his started for next week’s game, which leads me to think that if Jimmy G has at least 60% of the playbook down, then Kyle is going to go ahead and pass him the reigns.

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