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The FBI is investigating the University of Louisville basketball program and it has come up during the investigation, that coach Pitino made the call to Adidas rep James “Jim” Gatto, to make the payment to the recruit in question, Brian Bowen’s family. In an ESPN interview coach Pitino denied having any involvement in funneling money to Brian Bowen or his family. I for one do not give a damn if he made the call or not, truthfully speaking. As long as the call was made! Look, clearly the NCAA is exploiting players and calling it amateurism, when they (universities and their officials) get to sit back like fat-cats and reap the benefits of the athlete’s labor. Coach Pitino may never coach again in Division I college basketball, but make no mistake about it, what he did is only wrong because he didn’t get his whole team 100 bands, now if he would have done that, he’d be infamous for sure. I am ready for this current model of college athletics to be over and done with, and a new infrastructure is in place, because we all know this is highway robbery.

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