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Define disrespect. That would be my rebuttal to Jerry Jones when it comes to him saying players that “disrespect” the flag, will not play. I would like to know what his definition of disrespect is, because if it’s taking a knee or sitting for the so-called national anthem, then I have question Jerry. How is it disrespectful if a player kneels during the so-called anthem, but you and your team was just on national tv 2 weeks ago arm-in-arm on 1 knee? I would like to say that I am confused, but there is no confusion here for me, although I believe that is what Jerry would like for us all to be. Jones took a knee with his team, just to be on board with the rest of his partners, but now after talking to his homie (Donald Trump), he’s changed his tune.

I personally would love to see Dakota Prescott take a knee or Dez Bryant, hell or even a Jason Witten(which we all know that ish ain’t gone happen.) Or how bout all of the black players on his team take a knee and see how many more games they will win. *All black players not named Ezekiel Elliott because we all know he has to kiss a lot of ass right now due to his misguided off the field issues.

Look, I personally will not watch another Dallas Cowboys game this season. And unlike Jemele Hill, I can say that others should follow this same course of action and just stop entertaining Jerry and his BS franchise. This is the same guy that wanted to draft Johnny Manziel and his kid had to intervene and pull rank. He’s a clown and has been a clown and should thank Emmitt Smith, Michael Irving, Deion Sanders, Troy Aikman, and Jimmy Johnson every chance he gets. So again, I urge Jerry…Define Disrespect.

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