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Marcus and Markieff Morris are identical twins, who for all accounts and purposes live a life where they have done most things in together. They have identical tats, they both attended Kansas together and they were both members of the Phoenix Suns together, and recently they were on trial together for aggravated assault. The charge stemmed from a 2015 incident in which an old associate of the twins, Eric Holt, was jumped outside of a high school basketball game in Phoenix. There were a total of 5 people charged, while 2 others plead guilty, Marcus, Markieff and a 3rd co-defendant were all acquitted, after there was testimony from 2 witnesses stating that there was someone attempting to get them to lie about what involvement the twins may or may not have had in this situation. The trial lasted 2 weeks and now that it is over, Marcus and Markieff can now join their respective teams, Washington and Boston, for NBA preseason play.

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