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The Houston Rockets finalized their deal to local billionaire Tilman Ferttita for a reported $2.2 billion. Fertitta is the owner of Landry’s Inc, a large restaurant corporation and also the Golden Nugget Casinos. Parts of the city of Houston is under water and their NBA franchise was just sold to a local “self-made” billionaire and I use the quotes because there is NO SUCH thing as a billionaire that achieved those monetary riches ALONE. Remember that.

Fertitta is reportedly worth $3.1 billion and operates 5 casino locations across the country: Lake Charles, LA, Atlantic City, New Jersey, Las Vegas & Laughlin, NV & Biloxi, MS. I am wondering how this all came to fruition. I would think that there would be a conflict of interest between the league and an owner of a casino. But obviously my thought process is way off base with this one. I mean, in the NFL the Raiders are moving to Las Vegas, but that’s not the same as the owner himself being involved first hand with a casino operation. I am ready to see how this thing works out for the Houston Firecrackers, I mean Rockets.

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