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“I spoke this into existence, no I’m not surprised by any of this.” That was Lavar Ball’s reaction when asked by ESPN writer Jeff Goodman if he was surprised by all of the fanfare and attention that the Big Baller Brand had been receiving, and most notably the attention that the architect/composer of this medley has gotten over the past year. You see, Lavar Ball is the outspoken ring leader of a family with 3 talented basketball players that have been groomed to be professional basketball players. If you’ve ever heard Lavar has said on numerous occasions that he and his wife Tina planned this journey from the start and it has already started coming to fruition. Lonzo was his guinea pig and it seems to be paying off, literally and figuratively.

For those that are not aware the Ball family in conjunction with Facebook, have launched their show, Ball in the Family. I’ve started watching the show and I for one will continue to support it because it gives you more than what you see on TV. The show of course provides an inside look at Lonzo, and what he has accomplished so far but it also shows you the different layers that make this family’s story a true treasure.

First, there’s Lavar and Tina, an interracial couple that early on had to find a way to make it work while Tina’s parents had to have time to grasp the concept that their daughter was dating a black guy. Which, truthfully speaking, I was glad to hear Tina’s parents speak the truth in episode 1. Tina’s parents admit to having initial problems with the pairing of the 2 but Lavar “was not pushy, and gave them time to come around to the idea.” That is a direct quote from Tina’s mother. Now look at them, sporting Big Baller Brand tees on TV show that was created by the guy you initially detested(funny how time changes minds).  On top of the brand and lifestyle that Lavar has helped establish for the family, since Tina had her stroke, Lavar took it upon himself to rehab his wife and train her mind, body and soul back to recovery.

This show not only highlights the boisterous Lavar Ball, but it shows you how the Big Baller Brand has not only helped the players on the court but it has also provided jobs for Lavar’s brothers and close family friend, because they were able to quit their jobs and become his security(Now that’s bossin’ up!) We get to see a family, 3 generations as they live what we all should consider the American dream! Ball in the Family introduces Grandpa Ball to the world as well and he’s just as loud and proud as his son. There are more narratives, but I don’t want to spoil the show. This is going to be a great show and I for one will be tuning in!

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