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It was announced yesterday that the Detroit Lions have agreed to on a record deal with signal-caller Matthew Stafford, and when I say record, I mean RECORD! Stafford is set to receive a reported $92M guaranteed, not his contract, but GUARANTEED! Not gonna knock the deal because realistically speaking, this deal had to happen for the Lions. What did people expect Detroit to do? Not give Stafford the money? We all know that the NFL is a quarterback driven league and say what you will about Stafford’s win/loss record, but this guy is a gamer and with a better run-game this offense would be scary. I’m for the players getting paid and I know the numbers for Stafford are unheard of (not really, see Derek Carr), but when Aaron Rogers and Matt Ryan get their big pay days, we will probably see the first $100M dollar guaranteed deal. What a time to be alive!

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