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Tomorrow the world will witness a meeting of 2 of the biggest names in sports and entertainment, when Floyd Mayweather puts his unblemished record on the line against Connor McGregor live from the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. Floyd is an overwhelming favorite in the fight, as well he should be. There has been plenty of speculation and hype surrounding this fight since it was finally made official a couple of months ago. Now that it is actually here, all I can think about is wow, Floyd Mayweather Jr. hand picked his last 2 fights and both will be cake walk wins. This fight, Money May will make between $150-$300M, and those numbers could go even higher once the final gate and ppv numbers have been tallied. That’s amazing and Connor McGregor and UFC stand to take home a damn good bag as well, reportedly McGregor could bring in about $70-$75M himself and we know UFC won’t be shortchanged in the deal.

For all intents and purposes this exhibition, and I say exhibition because that’s what this is, an exhibition, will go down as the most viewed event in boxing in the last 10-15 years and it’s all because Floyd “Money” Mayweather began to look at all of his 49-0 merchandise and decided, hmm, 50-0 would look a lot better on a hat or shirt than 49-0. Think about it for a second, this guy says to himself, “How can I make a grip and break Rocky Marciano’s paper record? I know, I’ll have a billion dollar fight against another polarizing figure and destroy him in the ring and we both make a ton of money, and I can ride into the boxing sunset.” That is the only reason for Mayweather to even agree to this fight. He has EVERYTHING to lose IF he does in fact lose. But for Floyd that “if” is non existent and he is on cruise control. I don’t care about how much training McGregor has done and sparring and how he has a puncher’s chance because he doesn’t. This fight is about Floyd making a shit load of money and helping McGregor do the same. McGregor benefits the most win, lose, or draw. This fight alone has catapulted him into much brighter star. I can only watch in amazement with the rest of the country as Mayweather picks his 50th win, and goes down in history with win number *50.

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