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It was announced yesterday that Jon Jones failed a post-fight drug test, this time for an anabolic steroid, Turinabol. Jones, who has been suspended on 2 other occasions and stripped of his light heavyweight championship both times is going to be afforded the opportunity to go through the process of clearing his name but the chances of doing so are slim to none. A 4 year ban is what Jones is facing, so by the time this potential ban is lifted, Jones will be 34 and I’m not sure if the UFC will even want to deal with the headache known as Jon Jones. From his hit-and-run violation, to his Cialis intake causing a negative test result, and now this negative test, couple that with the fact that Dana White still hasn’t spoken to Jones, the likelihood of a return after this split is slim to none of a reunion.

The sad thing about this entire story is the fact that Jones is superbly talented fighter but he is his own worst enemy, as is the case for most athletes that have pitfalls in their career. One other note I would like to point out is that Jones called out former UFC heavyweight champion, Brock Lesnar, immediately following his fight with Cormier and now that there is this possible ban, not to mention Lesnar is dealing with his own USADA problems, but I can definitely see this fight happening at next year’s Wrestlemania before a UFC ppv. Look, Jon Jones is a great fighter but at the end of the day he is human just like the rest of us and has to figure out how to bounce back from this latest valley.

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