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Last week it was announced that the NFL would be issuing a 6 game suspension to Ezekiel Elliott for violating the league’s personal conduct policy.  Now, this stems from an investigation that started last summer after Elliott’s then girlfriend, pressed charges against Elliott for domestic abuse but the judge ruled that there was not enough evidence to move forward with the charges. So, there’s a woman (of European descent) that is involved with this star athlete and she is photographed with noticeable bodily injuries that she said were caused by  Elliott, who is a 1st round draft pick of the Dallas Cowboys. So, during the investigation there were statements provided by the “victim’s” friends, that went against the claims of Miss Thompson. In fact, there are messages that Elliott himself has kept and provided the league with, in which Thompson lays claim that she will “Ruin his career.”

Look, I am the last person that will defend a man for violating a woman in any form or fashion, but if that isn’t enough to expunge Elliott from punishment, then what is it that the NFL found during their investigation? I know that the law can only do so much and the NFL has money longer than Shaq’s feet, which means that they spare no expense. The decision to suspend Zeke can’t solely be that they are unhappy with his actions, so he gets suspended, no there has to be a smoking gun for a suspension like this to be the final decision. And if I am Zeke, and I am sure of my innocence, then I am fighting this thing until I can’t fight it any more! Unfortunately for Miss Thompson and Zeke, they both will have to live the rest of their lives with this issue hanging over their heads, no matter who is right or wrong. That’s just the way it is until there is some sort of undeniable evidence to say otherwise.

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