After signing a $30M deal with the Tennessee Titans, Super Bowl Champion Logan Ryan paid off his brother’s $82k in student loan debt. Ryan is simply saying what anyone in this country that has gone to college or know someone that has gone to college, then you know the struggle can definitely be real. I know plenty of people that deal with this issue on a daily. S/O to Logan Ryan for being a blessing to his brother, but not everyone has a wealthy relative that is able and willing to wipe a debt clean.

I say now the burden is on us as adults and people that have gone through the same situations of dealing with student loan debt, to educate the youth in our families and communities about the financial responsibility of student loans. Let them know that once they take out this loan it is imperative from that day forward to work towards paying that debt. And please my good people, don’t take out more than you actually need. Okay, I am officially off of my soapbox. “F*uck Student Loans.”