The writing was on the wall and I’m not talking about the Gucci Mane album, naw I’m talking about the Phil Jackson era in New York. Phil Jackson’s time is reportedly coming to an end and I for one have mixed emotions. On one hand I’m like, Phil was terrible and made some horrible front office decisions, but on the other, this same thing happened with Isaiah Thomas and now Phil. Is it really that these guys are that horrible as front office people or is James Dolan just that inept as an owner? How can Phil Jackson be allowed to give Joakim Noah 70+ mill? A no-trade clause in the Carmelo Anthony deal. Let us not forget about him trading away Tim Hardaway Jr, Iman Shumpert & J.R. Smith have both gone on to be NBA Champions with the Cavs and will probably contribute to a 4th consecutive finals appearance next season. All-in-all, Phil’s best decision that Phil Jackson made was to make himself $60M richer.

Not only has Phil Jackson managed to lose his girlfriend, Jeannie Buss as well as his franchise,  all in short order. Now he has to go to Montana and fish with all of his riches and no one to share it with. I’m sure he’ll be ok.

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