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The 11X All-Star and the Miami Heat, in conjunction with the NBAPA, have agreed to part ways the most amicable way possible given the seriousness of the situation. Bosh has not played since last February due to suffering from blood clots.  I am happy that Bosh is able to continue his playing career if he wants, but at this point in his life/career, is it really worth it? That’s a question that he and his family will need to answer over the summer. In my humble opinion, it’s not worth the risk man. Bosh is a HOF’er regardless if he plays another minute in the league. He is still a young man with a young family, that depends on him being there for them, and if playing professional basketball will possibly shorten his life, then this should be a no-brainer, take the money and run! Bosh seems to be an intelligent Brother, and I’m sure that he will make the best decision for himself, at the end of the day.

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