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Despite the efforts of Kyrie Irving, Tristan Thompson & Kevin Love, the Cleveland Cavaliers found themselves on the losing end of Game 3. I’ve been critical of a lot of star players and the “biggest star” of them all is Lebron James, went missing last night in Cleveland. During the final 2-3 minutes, Lebron was nowhere to be found, like seriously, at one point late in the game he was looking around to give Kyrie the ball so badly, I mean, he really did look like a kid that was lost in the store looking for a parent to come find him.  James scored a measly 11 points, which is his worst scoring output in his last 58 playoff games. Not sure if Lebron got that bag last night or he really was just off, but One Thing I Know, Marcus Smart played his ass off and I just don’t think he has another game like this in him, but hey, I’ve been wrong before, so we will just have to wait and see. No matter what though, you gotta respect the Celtics and Brad Stevens for not folding and competing after the ass whooping they took in Boston for Game 2. 

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