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30 points, 10 rebounds, & 10 assists per game average and isn’t voted as an all-star starter…Really? I mean, yes this is an exhibition game and Stephen Curry is one of the most popular players in the league but THE SYSTEM IS FLAWED, Russell Westbrook deserves to be a starter and there shouldn’t be a question about it! The voting system is terrible. So you mean to tell me that people can vote for a player more than one time, and it’s cool??? Westbrook has already said that he isn’t worried about not being selected as a starter, which he shouldn’t, but as a fan and someone that has been following NBA basketball for the better part of 20 years, this is senseless to me. Now I’m just ready to see how Westbrook will respond to being on the court when he’s on the floor with Kevin Durant as his teammate instead of his foe.



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