Contributing Writer: Max Turner 

Over a hundred years ago a movie gave birth to a new seeding hatred among Black America that was already out of control. “The Clansman “written by Thomas Dixon Jr (A Baptist preacher) glorified the Ku Klux Klan in his book which was about to reach a new plateau with D.W. Griffith. D.W. Griffith was about to change the course of cinema and history as well, first by giving it a new title, “The Birth of a Nation.” This was the first 12 reel film in America cinematic movie history and also the first film to spark wide range controversy on the subject matter of race in America. “The Birth of a Nation” is a three hour film on the Civil War and Reconstruction of the south, but what became the main objective of the whole movie is how the Ku Klux Klan are the heroes and Black people are depicted as wild animals and unstable creatures who could not contain themselves, and the Black actors in the movies are White people in black face. The movie became a national monument becoming the first movie to be seen at the White House with K.K.K parades being held right outside. Not only was the NAACP furious, but every other black organization had the same feeling towards the movie as well. From the lies that were being told throughout the whole movie about the Civil War and how certain events played out. The more Blacks protested against the movie to be banned from theaters, the more popular it became and especially with white men and the concept of the Ku Klux Klan which brought terror for many Black lives off the screen into the real world.

Nat Turner was a preacher and a slave but mostly known as a rebel that the history books tried to erase away. Of all the black people who progressed during slavery, Nat Turner’s name stroke fear more than any other. And the reason for that is he was killing plantation families leaving nothing to spare. Once Nat Turner was captured he was killed right away but what remained of him was his soul as a true pioneer standing up to racial inequality and injustice. With this new release of “The Birth of a Nation” will everything be vice versa? Will there be white organizations protesting against this movie the same way black organizations did in 1915. Will black people be inspired the same way white audiences were in 1915? Will black people have more of a reason to lash out against the powers that be (especially towards racist cops who are looked at like KKK as members in black suits instead of white sheets in this day at age)? Has this movie been shown in White House to the first black president? But most importantly, now that the film is out for the public to see, how will our nation react? We shall see.