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“It doesn’t mean a thing without the ring”~Dubs Nation

On the brink of elimination tonight, the Golden State Warriors are in dangerous waters, as they try to extend their historic season. The Warriors amassed 73 wins and Stephen Curry won 2nd straight league MVP award, tso being down to 3-1 to OKC is shocking to a lot of spectators but it shouldn’t be. I say this because if you watched their series against Portland, you’d know that all but 1 of those games, Portland had double-digit leads and that was with just 1 star player, the Thunder have 2 superstar players and a much better front court than Portland. With the awful play of Draymond Green, coupled with Steph Curry being a 1 trick pony, the Warriors look like a team that is heading home soon. If the Dubs can win Gane 5 tonight, then in my opinion, they’d put the pressure back onto the OKC. 

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