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Les Miles is about to be ousted from his position in Baton Rouge and this decision has some people around the country saying he’s getting fired because he can’t beat Alabama, but I believe he’s getting fired because the boosters have grown tired of how bad the current QB situation and they feel like firing Miles is the answer. Brandon Harris has shown flashes, but is just too inconsistent and Anthony Jennings was given a couple of opportunities, but he wasn’t able to take the position and own it. Now, is it the coach’s fault that his QBs haven’t amounted to much of anything or do the players have some culpability as well? 

I always say, players play & coaches coach, but we all know in sports, that when a team isn’t performing well, the coach is the first one to go. So, to Les Miles I say, job well done. Some people in Baton Rouge have forgotten what it was like before Nick Saban and if they don’t get/keep the right guy, they’ll be reminded very quickly about their decision to oust one of the most winningest coaches currently on the sidelines in college football. Les Miles won’t be out of a job long, because there’s a team down in Coral Gables, FL, that just may be looking for a head coach at the end of this season. 

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