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Recently, Pro Bowl running back Arian Foster, sat down with ESPN senior writer Tim Keown and opened up about his lifestyle as a non-religious person. He spoke about the difficulties he has had to face during his lifetime of dealing with being the outcast on his teams during his high school years, college days & presently as a professional. I believe it’s a great read and definitely something for people to read and get some valuable insight on Foster, but you may also learn something about yourself. Most people in this country that we call America, are accepting of most things, but if you say you’re not a Christian, or even that you don’t believe in any kind of higher power, then you’re instantly chastised and possibly even exhiled. I think this article will help give people some insight on what it’s like to own your truth. In this country, it seems like we are quick to allow most everyone to be themselves, and “love them anyhow,” but with this subject, people aren’t so quick to “accept,” Arian’s choice. You be the judge, article link is here for you to read. http://espn.go.com/nfl/story/_/id/13369076/houston-texans-arian-foster-goes-public-not-believing-god