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The Chicago Bulls have been rumored to want to rid themselves of head coach, Tom Thibedeau. Thibedeau has done nothing but win since taking over as the head coach of the Bulls, but he is now under fire, for what some have deemed as being too hard on the players and at times, over-bearing. Thibedau has won 65% as head coach of the Bulls, but several Derrick Rose injuries have derailed their championship aspirations the last couple of seasons. I believe ultimately, the fate of Thibedeau will be determined by rather or not the Bulls can make it to the NBA Finals or does he have to win it all to keep his job. What’s going on in Chicago reminds me all too much of what happened with the San Francisco 49ers this past season. The 49ers were having less than stellar season and the man that was once praised for turning around the franchise, was now being ousted by the same people that once hired him to lead their franchise. I wonder if this is going to become a trend in professional sports? 

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