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A lot of people have expressed their opinions about the “Fight of the Century,” and I finally felt as if it were time to put the fight into perspective for people. There seems to be a lot of anger and disappointment for the fighter that won, but nobody is showing disappointment towards the loser. Everyone wants to give Pacquiao a pass for losing, but nobody wants to give Mayweather his props for winning. 

Think about something, if you will, Manny Pacquiao took a selfie with his trainer on his way to the biggest fight of his career. If that were Floyd Mayweather, the media would have crucified him! But, as I’ve previously stated, nobody wants to talk about the loser, everyone wants to complain about how the winner, won!?!  How crazy does that sound? He didn’t put on a show…It wasn’t entertaining enough…that’s all BS! How do you get mad at the fighter that has been fighting the same way for years, and has yet to lose, but you’re not upset with fighter that had a piss-poor performance? Let that marinate for a minute. Checkout my video at the link below. 

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