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The 49ers should look back at how the Miami Hurricanes football program promoted Larry Coker to the head coaching position after Butch Davis left for the Cleveland Browns job back in 2001, and use that as it’s formula for promoting Vic Fangio. I know this is not college but, the scenarios are very similar. The 49ers team is darn good as is, and when healthy they are perennial Super Bowl contenders. I say why mess with the team’s overall chemistry by risking the loss of a coach like Fangio, who from all of the reports that have been coming out, is loved by the current roster.
I say you promote Fangio to head coach and let him hire a good offensive coaching staff, bring in someone that will take the time to actually help develop Colin Kaepernick and take his game to the next level. It would not be good for them to go get some outsider, just for namesake, i.e. Mike Shanahan or Rex Ryan. I say keep it in-house and give Fangio the keys to the team and let him do his thing.

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