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Ricky Taylor Jr., is an outstanding basketball player but he is also a young man of great character and value. Ricky is a graduate of Haywood High School in Brownsville, TN and a graduate of The University of Tennessee-Chattanooga. Mr. Taylor is also a minister and he uses his basketball camps as not only a tool to teach young people basketball skills, but it gives him a chance to minister to young people and teach them about the Word of God.
Ricky has traveled all over the country to spread the gospel and help young players hone their skills. At his camp he encourages the youth to make good choices and learn to be accountable for themselves. He also teaches great sportsmanship and teamwork. During my visit with Mr. Taylor, he shared with me exclusively, that he will become a member of the
NewCastle Eagles in England, this upcoming season, here’s the link for that exclusive interview (VIDEO)

BIGG Talks Sports would like to say good luck and God bless on your journey Ricky, and keep on pushing!

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