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If you fail to plan, then you plan to fail, that’s the saying that I love to live by and that is what “Ticket 2 Greatness” is, a plan. Ticket 2 Greatness is an organization that gives young athletes an opportunity to showcase their talents on a larger scale and also gives players a chance to market themselves and have a plan. This is what the founder of this great organization, Ronald Miller, explained to me during our coversation. T2G, is more than just helping kids get recognition, it is also a way to build and mold young players into not just good players but also good people. Miller, a native of Henning, TN and a graduate of Ripley High School, in Ripley, TN, let it be known from the start that this program is something that he wanted to start to give back to the youth through sports. Miller is a former basketball coach himself, who recently left the sideline, in order to be able to spend more time with his family. T2G a pathway to recruitment opportunities for every athlete. If you have a goal of being recruited on any level of college, T2G is the right tool for you. With T2G, you are able to build a great player profile, upload quality highlight videos and have access to coaches, scouts, and and agents that match their criteria. This recruiting service isn’t just about the sport, no, it also has tools that will give the player access to college applications and available scholarships, and it gives the athlete preparation for college entry exams such as the SAT, PSAT, and ACT. In short, whether you are a player, coach, scout or agent, Ticket 2 Greatness is your premier networking resource. Ticket 2 Greatness is a NCAA Certified program, for more information on T2G, please visit Ticket2Greatness.com.

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Meet Ronald Miller, the Founder of Ticket 2 Greatness