They’re SLEEP!

is the text that I received from the 6 ft tall & 180 lb guard from Ripley, TN, when asked what is his favorite quote. That’s an original quote for the young man that grew up in a small town in West TN. Just 22 yrs of age, Quintin Lee is a well traveled baller. After graduating from Ripley High School, Lee attended Itawamba Community College and also The University of Southern Arkansas where he continued to build momentum in his young basketball career. Q, as he’s known be many, is now embarking on a new journey, it’s time for him to test himself, time to see if all if the long nights in the gym were really worth it, time to see if those extra reps in the weight room actually paid off.

You see, as I type this feature on him, he is preparing himself for the most important job interview he has ever had in his life. This very moment the once small kid, from even school, is showcasing his talent in front of some very important people in Orlando, FL. He’s signed signed his first professional basketball contract to play in Orlando for the remainder of the summer and has also been selected to play on the “Pro Tour.”
In July, Lee has been given the opportunity to compete in two professional combines during the NBA Summer League.

So the little boy that grew up playing on Cleveland Street Park in Ripley, TN, is now the young man on a mission to make his childhood dreams come true. He doesn’t do it for just himself but he does it for Ripley, TN as well. One thing is for sure, after this summer Q will make sure “they’re” not SLEEP any more.

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