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The 90s were ruled by sports dominance and not many took their prospective leagues by storm like the young guns, Ken Griffey, Jr. and Grant Hill both will be members of their sport’s hall of fame, but injuries shortened and Griffey’s career and have taken away the greatness of Hill. Hill is a gold medalist and 2 time NCAA champion while at Duke. From the year 2000-2006 Hill missed a significant amount of time due to several injuries to his knees. Grant Hill was regarded in many circles as the next Jordan and Griffey, Jr. was looked at as possibly becoming the greatest to ever step on the baseball diamond, but after having his season end early in 3 consecutive seasons, “The Kid,” went from chasing Hank Aaron’s record, to just wanting to hit 500 homers. In my opinion Grant Hill was on his way to being a top 20 or 30 player of all time until the injuries started to pile on. Even though these 2 greats never reached the heights of greatness that were once placed upon their names, one thing is for damn sure, they NEVER cheated the game! Grant Hill and Griffey, Jr were class acts and were the consummate professionals, even with all of the steroid and PED usage going on in his sport Griffey, Jr’s name never came up and I still to this day do not believe that he has gotten his just due after leaving the game. The game was lacking someone to be their hero and they wonder why black america didn’t want to be in their league, Mark McGwire was the poster-boy for the MLB and was so adorn by the baseball and everyone KNEW he was “juiced,” but never said a word until Congress got involved. I won’t dwell too much on the negative, I’ll just end by saying, WHAT IF???

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