The NFL Draft is tomorrow night and so far it seems like it will be an interesting day full of mystery and intrigue. Who will be No. 1? Where will “Johnny Football” be drafted? Is Teddy Bridgewater a 1st round QB? There are a lot more questions but one thing is for sure, they will all be answered tomorrow night, live from New York City, New York.

My personal thought is that the Texans will either draft Clowney or the Falcons will trade up to get him. Either way, there’s no chance that Jadaveon Clowney isn’t the 1st pick. I’m not saying he’s Bruce Smith or Lawrence Taylor but he is simply the best prospect in this draft, HANDS DOWN. I’m not knocking anyone else that is being considered for that first pick, but I say history shows that there is a chance that the best QB in this draft may not even be the first QB taken off of the board. With all of the talk and guessing games that have been in full swing since Florida State beat Auburn for the National Championship Game, this seems like it will be a very unpredictable draft and I for one, cannot wait to watch it LIVE Thursday night.

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