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Floyd Mayweather defeated Marcos Maidana 5/3/2014, to improve his still unblemished record to 46 wins and 0 loses. This fight however was not your typical Floyd Mayweather fight. In the early rounds, Maidana was the clear aggressor in the fight. He was getting to Floyd and actually connecting some good hard shots to Floyd but he was also spending a lot of energy throwing and missing punches.

Floyd was cut by Maidana in round 3 or 4 and that was the first time in his career that he has ever been cut. The cut was noticeably irritating Floyd initially, but his cut-man did an excellent job by getting the cut closed before too much more damage could be done the his right eye. I say the middle rounds 6-9 Floyd started being more on the attack and mor deliberate with his punches but Maidana still was finding ways to land some of those wild punches. The match started to slow down but the action didn’t. There were times when it seemed like Maidana may actually win this fight, he didn’t back down but I’ve never seen Floyd actually get hit the way he was getting hit at times, but he never really seemed to be hurt by the punches Maidana was throwing.

All-in-all the fight was pretty good and Marcos Maidana deserves a rematch and I hope it comes this December. Maidana felt as if he should have won and if the fight was a 6 round fight, Maidana would have won but it’s not and he didn’t. Mayweather let him do too much early on but he held his ground for most of the fight. Floyd “Money” Mayweather 46- his opponents 0!

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