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With this year’s NBA Playoffs in full swing and with every series, but two, going to at least 6 games, I can’t help but wonder if this is officially the end of an era…”The Black Mamba,” Kobe Bryant ended this season the same as he did last season, injured and his team not being much to watch while he isn’t there. I look at the NBA now and see that the brand is thriving without Kobe Bryant, and really that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Don’t get me wrong I grew up on Fro Kobe, so I know the guy can ball and barring the achilles injury and knee injury, I nor would anybody else question his ability. With back to back season ending injuries and yet another coaching change, isn’t it time for Kobe to just fade into the sunset like the old cowboy does in the Westerns?

This current playoffs is an even better indication that the league will be in great hands even if Kobe isn’t playing for the Lakers and this is the best post season the league has seen in years and Kobe Bryant and the Lakers aren’t in it, and it seems like no one cares. Not coming down on Kobe or “Laker Nation,” but it Kobe-Era seems to be fading but that’s ok, because that’s just sports, ALL of the greats get old, it’s called LIFE!

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