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Chandler Parsons had just put the Rockets up 2 and then it happened…Damian Lillard runs off of two screens set by Mo Williams and Wesley Matthews and proceeded to carve his name in the history books and give the Trailblazers fans a playoff highlight they can be proud to see. This shot not only won the game but it ended the series as well. Let me remind everyone for a second that the guy that took and made that shot is just a second year player but he is the reigning Rookie of the Year and he was an All Star this year. He came up time after time for Portland in the season and this series was no different. After 14 long years of not being able to win a playoff series, I just feel like that was THE way to win one and for the fans it felt like afterwards all the players could possibly have to say to them is, “Sorry for the wait.”

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