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I have nothing but respect for Russell Westbrook and Rajon Rondo’s game, that’s why it is imperative for both of their careers that a trade happens this summer if both guys are healthy prior to the draft. I have been of the mindset since Pierce & Garnett were traded, that Rondo should be next. This is not a knock on Rondo at all but more so an indictment on the team around him. He can’t thrive with that roster and we all know that. He is this era’s Jason Kidd, I like to call him J Kidd 2.0. He defends and he plays FOR his teammates, not just with them, and that is his greatest quality in my opinion.

Russell Westbrook is a big time player in my opinion and he is worth the price of admission. No one will question that, ever. What I believe is wrong with Westbrook’s game is that he often plays as if he’s Allen Iverson in Philadelphia. Some will say what’s the problem with that and my response to that would be, Iverson had teammates named Eric Snow and Aaron McKie, not Kevin Durant and Serge Ibaka. Westbrook’s passion and hard play is sometimes a gift and a curse.

I think in order for both franchises to possibly reach new plateaus, these teams need to discuss this trade. I honestly believe a healthy Rondo paired with Kevin Durant can win multiple championships with the roster OKC has, no doubt. I also believe that with Westbrook in Boston, he will be in position to have his own franchise and he would be “Box Office,” and people in Boston would come see him and embrace him as if they drafted him out of UCLA. I say revive a franchise in Boston and create a legacy in OKC. Who knows, maybe they can see each other in the NBA Finals one year, that would be great for the league as well.

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