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Why do you have to broadcast them? Don’t bring “them,” to any of my games.

These are just a couple of the things Donald Sterling has been allegedly caught on an audio recording saying to supposedly then-girlfriend. This isn’t the first occurrence he’s been in with regards to race either, but this is the one I, along with the rest of the world, care about. Sterling is noticeably uncomfortable talking about this topic, but what I could hear was more than not having comfort, but someone, who for years now, has distanced himself as much as possible from being seen in the same light as a black or person, or any person of color for that matter.

This sounds to me like a man that is self-loathing and is incapable of seeing his wrong-doing. Yes. He will publicly apologize, as he should. No. He will not mean it one bit. See, he knows that some of his biggest supporters and consumers of his product, are African Americans. I mean his NBA franchise is coached by a black man. He is SORRY, but not for what he said, but for being caught saying it. He’s a bigot and a racist, but he is also intelligent. Some people will say, “But his coach and majority of his team is black.” He also accepted a NAACP Award a few years back, but that just means that he is willing to cut checks to players without ever really dealing with them, and accept awards from people that should pay millions of dollars a year on his brand, the Clippers.

I just want to know if his girlfriend, or whatever she’d like to be known as, record this particular conversation. How did she or whomever recorded this conversation, know that he would blow up like that? He must say things like that often around the house which is also somewhat another disturbing thing. I’m sorry, racist or not, it’s what he said in his own home. How would most of YOU like it if you were recorded in your private home? So let’s not bee too extreme. Do I agree with what was said? NO! But was it right for someone to spy on him, no but something needed to be done to this guy to let him know that he needs African Americans at his games just as much as he needs any other race.

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