Uncle Drew Moving to Beantown


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Today the Cleveland Cavaliers traded All-Star Kyrie Irving to Eastern Conference foe, Boston Celtics. The trade has Boston getting Irving and Cleveland lands the expiring contract of Isaiah Thomas, Jae Crowder, the Nets 2018 1st round pick, and Ante Zizic.  A lot of the buzz on social media has been saying that this trade is bad for Cleveland but I don’t see it that way. Here is a team that will likely go back to the NBA Finals and with 2 1st round picks and the possibility of re-signing IT4, that could be enough for the Cavs to hold on to their King past this coming season.

All things being perfect, I see the Cavs keeping Lebron in the fold and he finds a way to make things work to end his career the way he started it, with the Cleveland Cavaliers but of course we’re talking about Lebron James, whose mind could change at any given moment depending on situation. So, stay tuned because this is only the beginning of the circus.

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A Leg to Stand On: Ezekiel Elliot Situation


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Last week it was announced that the NFL would be issuing a 6 game suspension to Ezekiel Elliott for violating the league’s personal conduct policy.  Now, this stems from an investigation that started last summer after Elliott’s then girlfriend, pressed charges against Elliott for domestic abuse but the judge ruled that there was not enough evidence to move forward with the charges. So, there’s a woman (of European descent) that is involved with this star athlete and she is photographed with noticeable bodily injuries that she said were caused by  Elliott, who is a 1st round draft pick of the Dallas Cowboys. So, during the investigation there were statements provided by the “victim’s” friends, that went against the claims of Miss Thompson. In fact, there are messages that Elliott himself has kept and provided the league with, in which Thompson lays claim that she will “Ruin his career.”

Look, I am the last person that will defend a man for violating a woman in any form or fashion, but if that isn’t enough to expunge Elliott from punishment, then what is it that the NFL found during their investigation? I know that the law can only do so much and the NFL has money longer than Shaq’s feet, which means that they spare no expense. The decision to suspend Zeke can’t solely be that they are unhappy with his actions, so he gets suspended, no there has to be a smoking gun for a suspension like this to be the final decision. And if I am Zeke, and I am sure of my innocence, then I am fighting this thing until I can’t fight it any more! Unfortunately for Miss Thompson and Zeke, they both will have to live the rest of their lives with this issue hanging over their heads, no matter who is right or wrong. That’s just the way it is until there is some sort of undeniable evidence to say otherwise.

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Yesterday the Sacramento Kings inked deals with a couple of free agents. George Hill signed a 3 year $57M deal and they also signed Z Bo (Zach Randolph) to a 2 year $24M deal. It was something that many Grizzlies fans knew was coming but still didn’t want to see the Z Bo Era come to an end. During Randolph’s tenure with the Grizz, “Grit-n-Grind” was created and the entire city embraced Randolph as if he were born and raised in South Memphis or any other part of the city. I’m sure the fans will forever welcome Mac Bo to the city of Memphis.

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CP3 Headed to H-Town


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After opting into his contract with the Clippers, Chris Paul is headed to play alongside maybe the best 2-guard in the NBA. That’s right, today the Clippers completed a sign-and-trade with the Houston Rockets, which will send Chris Paul to Houston for Patrick Beverly, Lou Williams, Sam Dekker and a 2018 1st round pick. This comes after Paul was set to hit free agency and the Clippers saw that he was going to walk. The Clippers took advantage of the opportunity to get some sort of compensation for Paul even if it doesn’t seem like much. Beverly will bring it every night and we already know Lou Williams can go for 20 on any given night and if given the opportunity Sam Dekker could be a good shooter in this league. With that being said none of them are nowhere near the caliber of player at their respective positions as a Chris Paul, but at least they won’t be left with crumbs.

Now I am wanting to see how Steve Balmer and company bounce back. Will they lock-in on bringing back Blake Griffin and possibly trading their newly acquired 1st round pick, plus Lou Williams, and other assets for Paul George? I’m not sure but there are several possibilities out there for the Clippers franchise and they could either be very good or all-time low bad! We shall see, stay tuned!

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Exit Stage Left: Phil Jackson & Knicks Agree to Part Ways

The writing was on the wall and I’m not talking about the Gucci Mane album, naw I’m talking about the Phil Jackson era in New York. Phil Jackson’s time is reportedly coming to an end and I for one have mixed emotions. On one hand I’m like, Phil was terrible and made some horrible front office decisions, but on the other, this same thing happened with Isaiah Thomas and now Phil. Is it really that these guys are that horrible as front office people or is James Dolan just that inept as an owner? How can Phil Jackson be allowed to give Joakim Noah 70+ mill? A no-trade clause in the Carmelo Anthony deal. Let us not forget about him trading away Tim Hardaway Jr, Iman Shumpert & J.R. Smith have both gone on to be NBA Champions with the Cavs and will probably contribute to a 4th consecutive finals appearance next season. All-in-all, Phil’s best decision that Phil Jackson made was to make himself $60M richer.

Not only has Phil Jackson managed to lose his girlfriend, Jeannie Buss as well as his franchise,  all in short order. Now he has to go to Montana and fish with all of his riches and no one to share it with. I’m sure he’ll be ok.

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“F*uck Student Loans”~Logan Ryan to student loan lenders

After signing a $30M deal with the Tennessee Titans, Super Bowl Champion Logan Ryan paid off his brother’s $82k in student loan debt. Ryan is simply saying what anyone in this country that has gone to college or know someone that has gone to college, then you know the struggle can definitely be real. I know plenty of people that deal with this issue on a daily. S/O to Logan Ryan for being a blessing to his brother, but not everyone has a wealthy relative that is able and willing to wipe a debt clean.

I say now the burden is on us as adults and people that have gone through the same situations of dealing with student loan debt, to educate the youth in our families and communities about the financial responsibility of student loans. Let them know that once they take out this loan it is imperative from that day forward to work towards paying that debt. And please my good people, don’t take out more than you actually need. Okay, I am officially off of my soapbox. “F*uck Student Loans.”

I Can’t Make This Up


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The NBA & NHL Finals are going on and right now the Stanley Cup Finals are much more exciting than the NBA Finals. Like no joke, I’ve been more wrapped into what the Predators got going because they’re chasing REAL history! The lowest seed in the playoffs and we’re playing for the SHIP! Plus much much more on the latest BTSE 365 Podcast 

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