Sloane Stephens Wins the Women’s U.S. Open Championship


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After taking down tennis royalty, in Venus Williams for her semi-final match, Sloane Stephens made quick work of her counterpart, Madison Keys in today’s championship match. Stephens won the match in straight sets 6-3, 6-0 which marks her first career major championship. This caps off a year that began with Stephens missing time after undergoing lisfranc foot surgery. Congratulations are due to Sloane not only for winning the U.S. Open but for being able to fight through adversity and come out on top! We here at BTSE salute you Queen! 

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Tennessee & GA Tech closed out Labor Day Weekend in Atlanta with an instant classic


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The score is 42-41 in the 2nd OT and Paul Johnson was obviously tired of coaching and was ready to end this game one way or another, so instead of opting to kick the extra point to tie the game, he decided to go for 2 and his running back was stopped centimeters, not even inches short of the goal-line. Johnson clearly felt as though his run game was strong enough to get the 2 yards necessary for the W but the back was met head-on by a defender and was introduced first hand to SEC football!

The real stories from this game in my humble opinion is the record-breaking performance by TaQuon Marshall (44 carries 249 yards 5 TDs) and the emergence of Marquez Callaway could not have come at a better time. Standout receiver Jaquan Jennings went down with what appears to be a season ending injury, and the Vols were needing someone other than Johnathan Kelly to make a play on offense and Callaway stepped up in a major way! The USC transfer wasted no time in solidifying himself as a go-to option for first year starter Quinten Dormandy. Callaway showed great hands, power, speed and playmaking ability in last night’s thriller. With Tennessee down 28-14 Callaway took one to the house on a 45 yard catch and run that would see him stiff arm one defender and make another 2 miss as he reached pay-dirt. And we can’t forget when he Mossed ole boy in the corner of that fade route in the 3rd. Look, I’m not a fan of Tennessee but that guy made some money for himself last nigh. This is most definitely an early candidate for college football’s game if the year!

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The Houston Rockets Sell for $2.2 Billion


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The Houston Rockets finalized their deal to local billionaire Tilman Ferttita for a reported $2.2 billion. Fertitta is the owner of Landry’s Inc, a large restaurant corporation and also the Golden Nugget Casinos. Parts of the city of Houston is under water and their NBA franchise was just sold to a local “self-made” billionaire and I use the quotes because there is NO SUCH thing as a billionaire that achieved those monetary riches ALONE. Remember that.

Fertitta is reportedly worth $3.1 billion and operates 5 casino locations across the country: Lake Charles, LA, Atlantic City, New Jersey, Las Vegas & Laughlin, NV & Biloxi, MS. I am wondering how this all came to fruition. I would think that there would be a conflict of interest between the league and an owner of a casino. But obviously my thought process is way off base with this one. I mean, in the NFL the Raiders are moving to Las Vegas, but that’s not the same as the owner himself being involved first hand with a casino operation. I am ready to see how this thing works out for the Houston Firecrackers, I mean Rockets.

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Le’Veon Bell Ends Holdout


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Steelers star running back Le’Veon Bell has ended his holdout and reported to Steelers headquarters but it has not been announced that he has signed his tender for the upcoming season, but one could only assume that Bell isn’t there just to be around his teammates and that he is there to sign his tender and get back to work. Look, when healthy or eligible Le’Veon Bell is probably the best running back in football, but the key words are healthy & eligible. Bell’s name recently was hot in the streets and it wasn’t because of his newest rap that he put out, which was trash by the way, but because he allegedly got his fiance & his side piece pregnant all around the same time, SMFH! That’s probably why he wants to be paid like a WR instead of a RB, because we know that receiver money is just lil longer than that RB money.

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Ball in the Family: BTSE Review


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“I spoke this into existence, no I’m not surprised by any of this.” That was Lavar Ball’s reaction when asked by ESPN writer Jeff Goodman if he was surprised by all of the fanfare and attention that the Big Baller Brand had been receiving, and most notably the attention that the architect/composer of this medley has gotten over the past year. You see, Lavar Ball is the outspoken ring leader of a family with 3 talented basketball players that have been groomed to be professional basketball players. If you’ve ever heard Lavar has said on numerous occasions that he and his wife Tina planned this journey from the start and it has already started coming to fruition. Lonzo was his guinea pig and it seems to be paying off, literally and figuratively.

For those that are not aware the Ball family in conjunction with Facebook, have launched their show, Ball in the Family. I’ve started watching the show and I for one will continue to support it because it gives you more than what you see on TV. The show of course provides an inside look at Lonzo, and what he has accomplished so far but it also shows you the different layers that make this family’s story a true treasure.

First, there’s Lavar and Tina, an interracial couple that early on had to find a way to make it work while Tina’s parents had to have time to grasp the concept that their daughter was dating a black guy. Which, truthfully speaking, I was glad to hear Tina’s parents speak the truth in episode 1. Tina’s parents admit to having initial problems with the pairing of the 2 but Lavar “was not pushy, and gave them time to come around to the idea.” That is a direct quote from Tina’s mother. Now look at them, sporting Big Baller Brand tees on TV show that was created by the guy you initially detested(funny how time changes minds).  On top of the brand and lifestyle that Lavar has helped establish for the family, since Tina had her stroke, Lavar took it upon himself to rehab his wife and train her mind, body and soul back to recovery.

This show not only highlights the boisterous Lavar Ball, but it shows you how the Big Baller Brand has not only helped the players on the court but it has also provided jobs for Lavar’s brothers and close family friend, because they were able to quit their jobs and become his security(Now that’s bossin’ up!) We get to see a family, 3 generations as they live what we all should consider the American dream! Ball in the Family introduces Grandpa Ball to the world as well and he’s just as loud and proud as his son. There are more narratives, but I don’t want to spoil the show. This is going to be a great show and I for one will be tuning in!

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Justin Verlander traded to Astros


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The @astrosbaseball just completed a trade that will bring on former Cy Young winner Justin Verlander. Initially it’s said that Verlander didn’t waive his no-trade clause but minutes later the deal was done! 

Verlander has spent his entire 13 year career in Detroit and I’m sure it was hard for him to go through with this trade but it’s best for him and the Tigers if they just part ways, which in the end, that’s what was done. 

Texans and Cowboys Cancel Preseason Game Amid Hurricane Harvey


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It was announced today that the NFL has decided to cancel a meaningless preseason game being held in Arlington, TX between the Dallas Cowboys and Houston Texans. The cancellation comes after it was just announced that all of the proceeds from the game would be going towards aiding the city of Houston and other surrounding areas that have been affected by Hurricane Harvey.

I love football just as much as the next person living in America, but I am not nearly as interested in a preseason game as I am more concerned with the safety of those that are in the state of Texas that have been displaced. No football game could be more important than that, so kudos to the NFL for getting something right for a change.

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Browns Release Joe Haden


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The Cleveland Browns released Pro Bowl CB Joe Haden. Joe Haden, a University of Florida product, is a 7 year vet that was due a base salary of $11.1M base salary and reportedly was not willing to take a pay cut, which is he shouldn’t have. Haden is a top tier corner in this league, when healthy, but the key is for him to be healthy and Haden has only played in 14 games in the past 2 seasons due to injury.

Reportedly the Saints, Colts, Cowboys and Steelers are all interested in Haden. I personally would like to add the Chiefs, Patriots and Lions to the might be darkhorse candidates for the former Gator. Stay tuned, we shall see.

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Matthew Stafford Signs Record Contract


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It was announced yesterday that the Detroit Lions have agreed to on a record deal with signal-caller Matthew Stafford, and when I say record, I mean RECORD! Stafford is set to receive a reported $92M guaranteed, not his contract, but GUARANTEED! Not gonna knock the deal because realistically speaking, this deal had to happen for the Lions. What did people expect Detroit to do? Not give Stafford the money? We all know that the NFL is a quarterback driven league and say what you will about Stafford’s win/loss record, but this guy is a gamer and with a better run-game this offense would be scary. I’m for the players getting paid and I know the numbers for Stafford are unheard of (not really, see Derek Carr), but when Aaron Rogers and Matt Ryan get their big pay days, we will probably see the first $100M dollar guaranteed deal. What a time to be alive!

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Tomorrow the world will witness a meeting of 2 of the biggest names in sports and entertainment, when Floyd Mayweather puts his unblemished record on the line against Connor McGregor live from the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. Floyd is an overwhelming favorite in the fight, as well he should be. There has been plenty of speculation and hype surrounding this fight since it was finally made official a couple of months ago. Now that it is actually here, all I can think about is wow, Floyd Mayweather Jr. hand picked his last 2 fights and both will be cake walk wins. This fight, Money May will make between $150-$300M, and those numbers could go even higher once the final gate and ppv numbers have been tallied. That’s amazing and Connor McGregor and UFC stand to take home a damn good bag as well, reportedly McGregor could bring in about $70-$75M himself and we know UFC won’t be shortchanged in the deal.

For all intents and purposes this exhibition, and I say exhibition because that’s what this is, an exhibition, will go down as the most viewed event in boxing in the last 10-15 years and it’s all because Floyd “Money” Mayweather began to look at all of his 49-0 merchandise and decided, hmm, 50-0 would look a lot better on a hat or shirt than 49-0. Think about it for a second, this guy says to himself, “How can I make a grip and break Rocky Marciano’s paper record? I know, I’ll have a billion dollar fight against another polarizing figure and destroy him in the ring and we both make a ton of money, and I can ride into the boxing sunset.” That is the only reason for Mayweather to even agree to this fight. He has EVERYTHING to lose IF he does in fact lose. But for Floyd that “if” is non existent and he is on cruise control. I don’t care about how much training McGregor has done and sparring and how he has a puncher’s chance because he doesn’t. This fight is about Floyd making a shit load of money and helping McGregor do the same. McGregor benefits the most win, lose, or draw. This fight alone has catapulted him into much brighter star. I can only watch in amazement with the rest of the country as Mayweather picks his 50th win, and goes down in history with win number *50.

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